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1TEQ Providers, Inc.

1TEQ PROVIDERS INC. is about innovation, research and continuous development of solutions for small to big businesses through POS systems. Partnering with Senor Tech Ltd., the leading POS solutions provider, we have integrated hardware, software, business consulting and technical services to meet the needs of our valued customers.

1TEQ PROVIDERS INC. is the sole distributor of Senor products. The products include all-in-one POS terminals which have passed IP43 rating or IP66 rating certification of dust proof and water resistance, especially designed for the harsh environments in retail and hospitality industries.

We have partnered with various dealers locally for better dissemination of our products and services which equates to Senor Engineering Excellence.



1TEQ PROVIDERS, INC. aims to be part of the global expansion and growth of the POS industry by being the sole distributor of a high quality, cost effective SENOR POS terminals, peripherals and services.



1TEQ PROVIDERS INC. is committed to fulfilling our chosen role by harnessing God given talents in providing value added services and solutions via the POS systems to full satisfaction of our local clientele.